This is what weve waited for this is it boys this is war

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Dance fucker dance

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Your one in a croud and Your paranoid of every soundd

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I guess your love for me that was a never ending “ocean” was actually just a stream that just stoped running. Ha

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Thank you god for finally opening my eyes i dont think im were you want me to be just yet but im happy im not were i used to be anymore. Its funny how you work but thank you for showing me finally im happy to say im ok now with what you truly want for me and showing me what isnt for me anymore.

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This isnt helping at all i just need to let her go i finally get it that she is done and on her own i am letting go from here on out if she comes back she comes back if she doesnt she doesnt you cant keep killing yourself over and over for someone who doesnt want you anymore. You cant keep going backwards and making yourself not let go when thats what you need to do. Maybe she will one day wake up and realize what we had and want it again but i cant keep stopping my growth on just a dream. Just let go if they love you they will come back to you.

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